3rd Annual IIDA New England Student Scholarship

November 21st, 2008 § Karynn

One thing you may not know about our firm is that we have very close ties to RISD, the Rhode Island School of Design. The majority of our architects are RISD alumni and for everyone else who isn’t, they teach at the school. Current students also regularly intern in our offices during RISD’s winter session to help construct architectural models.

3six0 realizes how important students are to our firm and to the architecture profession as a whole, so we wanted to highlight a scholarship that is for them:

What: 3rd Annual IIDA New England Student Scholarship
Who: Rhode Island Interior Design Students
When: November 28, 2008

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Blurb: From Business Need to Staff Pick

November 21st, 2008 § Karynn

Checkout Blurb's website for more staff picks

Check out Blurb

Here at 3six0 we are pragmatic people. Portfolios with large glossy photos and text printed on heavyweight paper are eye-catching but expensive to produce. We could go the large production route and mass produce portfolios at once to keep down costs, but we’re a small firm and can’t afford to produce at that scale. Imagine our excitement when we discovered Blurb.com, a site that let’s you create your own book and then order copies a la carte. This model fits our needs perfectly since it is high quality at a low cost and allows us to order a portfolio book only when we need one. We also have complete control over how the book is designed and can update it to reflect our most current work. There’s also another nifty feature that let’s you sell your book on Blurb.

Coming to Blurb out of a practical business need, we never imagined that the website would choose to feature 3six0 on their Staff Picks. We are honored by their recommendation and hope that you’ll check out our Blurb book.

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Do we need Architecture?

November 17th, 2008 § Chris


We stumbled on this little “Vicinato” (neighborhood) A few years ago in the then abandoned cave dwelling area of Matera, Italy.  Astonishingly, at one time, in the late nineteenth century this courtyard and its attached dwellings were home to over one hundred inhabitants. The families were large, mothers often having a dozen or more children to counter the odds of childhood death due to disease and malnourishment.

In such dire circumstances we would expect the role of architecture to be useless, peripheral, and unaffordable. Look a little more closely at the photo, especially at the railing/wall between the conjoined stairs which lead up to two dwellings. Right there, whoever built that stair understood something of the critical role architecture plays in giving form (as in order) to society. The builders, acknowledging the importance of social order, especially in such close bound circumstances, made adjustments to the rail separating the two stairs. Instead of the rail staying the same height, it was built so as one climbed the stair the degree of privacy was adjusted. At the courtyard the stairs start their rise from different points, a subtle perhaps accidental degree of separation. As the stairs climb, the rail rises to slowly separate the two families first bodily and finally from view. This small detail speaks volumes about privacy, grace, respect and the rich territory of negotiation between private and public life.

We’ve become accustomed to thinking of architecture as fashion, style, somehow separate from the essential fabric of society. We take the functioning of our social order for granted, because it more or less works. The built environment forms that order no less than our laws, customs and cultural practices, but is too often overlooked, in the dash to build more office parks, highways, malls, and suburbs.

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Windows on Westminster

November 14th, 2008 § Manuel

Circa screen @ Eddy and Westminster

Circa screen @ Eddy and Westminster

I just found out that Providence Art Windows (PAW) is seeking proposals for 2009. For those of you who are not familiar with PAW, it is a program that exhibits art and art installations in several empty and occupied retail spaces in Downtown Providence. The juried exhibits change three times a year and feature a variety of local and national artists. In the past the installations have varied a great deal in their materials and engagement with the street.

But the most exciting prospect of this program is that is seeks to engage citizens, flaneurs and tourists alike, bring art down from its soapbox, and at the same time activate Providence’s streetscape. I have often wandered down the all too familiar downtown streets on my way home or just grabbing some food, when out of the corner of my eye something peculiar grabs my attention. The ever changing PAW streetfronts challenges the blandness that stems from the quotidian…


Proposals are due by December 12, 2008, which is plenty of time to prepare…(suspense builds)…

A 3six0 proposal!!!!

What better way for our third story office to establish a street presence on Westminster.

Check out the link below and the teaser below that:


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Architects Among America’s Happiest Workers

November 10th, 2008 § Karynn

A link from Land+Living led me to this article entitled, “Where Do America’s Happiest People Work?” Architects are fourth on the list with 53.5% reporting at very happy! I can tell you from working here at 3six0 that our architects are definitely part of that percentage, and I feel that it is largely do to the workspace. At 3six0 you will find no windowless, gray cubicles. Every desk has a window and the walls are broken down for an open and collaborative space. Music flows in steady streams through the speakers overhead, and inspiration from past projects is never more than a few feet away with architectural models occupying the shelves and desktops. Got a video or a catchy headline to share? Just speak up and people will rise from their desks to crowd around your monitor. It’s a friendly atmosphere and I enjoy working here.

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3six0 Book Available @ Blurb.com

November 10th, 2008 § Nick

look for our book at the Blurb.com Bookstore

look for our book at the Blurb.com Bookstore

3six0’s 100-page portfolio is now available at Blurb.com for preview and purchase. The latest version features our recently completed Shepherd of the Valley Chapel and Au Bon Pain stores.


Providence Architects

November 9th, 2008 § Chris

The Westminster Street entry to 3SIX0

The Westminster Street entry to 3SIX0

The third floor foyer to our studio

The third floor foyer to our studio

models are everywhere

models are everywhere

everyone is busy, including Echo who's watching for the mailman

everyone is busy, including Echo who is watching for the mailman

This blog is a new door for us swinging wide open. Let’s see what comes in, and what we’ll be sending out. The photomosaic above is part of a terrific animation Josh Lantzy our summer intern compiled, documenting a walk to our studio at 146 Westminster street in Providence. See below for the full animation:



water conservation awareness @ IMAX

November 7th, 2008 § Eleanor


3six0 + 3D effect

With popcorn and 3D glasses, 3six0 staff went to the IMAX movie: “Grand Canyon Adventure 3D: River at Risk” last night at the Providence IMAX theatre. Narrated by Robert Redford, the movie spoke about the beauty and magnificence of the Grand Canyon and Colorado River.

Some facts from the movie:
Over the course of 8 years, Lake Powell’s water volume has diminished by 50%. With heavy consumption of water usage upstream, the water level has dropped to almost nothing and it is taking a toll on the people who live near the delta.


Sustainable Design Conference in Our Backyard

November 7th, 2008 § Karynn

3six0 is proud to boast two premiere educational institutions as its neighbors; RISD, the Rhode Island School of Design, is a block from our office, and Brown University is right up the hill from downtown. This weekend Brown and RISD have come together to put on A Better World by Design conference. Over the next 3 days, students, educators, and professionals will examine the intersections of design and technology and look at ways in which the two are being married to improve our world and solve economic, environmental, and social problems.

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ProJo Finds Treasure in 3six0

November 7th, 2008 § Karynn

3six0 recently unveiled its first church, which was created for the Shepherd of the Valley Church. On Wednesday, William Morgan over at the Providence Journal wrote a review of our work entitled, “A treasure of a new church.”

Morgan writes

Consecrated in October, the chapel is small and unassuming — an inexpensive addition to an ordinary church on a road far from “downtown.” Almost in spite of itself, the 60-seat chapel achieves a quality and dignity that fancier buildings with huge budgets rarely achieve.

. . .

[3six0] imagined the building as an endless spiral. The floor, ceiling, and tapering, slightly pitched walls — built of cedar and Brazilian mahogany — form a continuous container, almost as if the chapel interior were the inside of a wooden bowl made on a lathe. These details are as thoughtful as they are understated: Not obvious, they play on the subconscious and offer a slight tension, perhaps necessary when contemplating the metaphysical.

We are very appreciative to William Morgan and the ProJo for their review of our work.


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