RISD Faculty Biennial

February 23rd, 2009 § Manuel

The RISD Faculty Biennial just opened at the Chace Center last week and 3six0 has several pieces on display.

Model of Stix restaurant in Boston

Model of Stix restaurant in Boston

Model of chapel at Shephard of the Valley Church

Model of chapel at Shephard of the Valley Church

In addition to full time faculty members, Kyna Leski and Chris Bardt, all four part-time faculty members in the office, Aaron Brode, Olga Mesa, Jack Ryan and Manuel Cordero, each submitted office work for inclusion.  Go check it out…it’s on display until March 15, 2009.

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How Can Architects Help Our Communities?

February 20th, 2009 § Karynn

On December 17, 2008, the AIA New York launched its Not Business as Usual initiative in an effort to unite the architecture and design community around issues relating to the current economic crisis: a slowdown in new projects, downsizing of firms, current projects put on hold, a lack of positions available to recent graduates. An “Opportunities Fair” to be held on February 25 will bring together representatives from community organizations, non-profits, schools, and training programs to share information about volunteer opportunities, continuing education, and other opportunities. This made me think, how can architects and architecture firms contribute to our communities during this economic crisis? Certainly we can offer our professional services pro bono, but we can also offer non-professional skills that would still greatly contribute. Might we volunteer at a food bank or repair a rundown school? Could we clean up our parks or run for the cure? Could we get inventive and create volunteer opportunities that might also draw on our skills as designers and experts of materials?

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33 Restaurant and Lounge, Circa Restaurant and Stix Restaurant and Lounge in PLUS magazine

February 18th, 2009 § Olga


33 Restaurant and Lounge, Circa Restaurant and Stix Restaurant and Lounge were featured in PLUS Architecture and Interior Design magazine.


carved books

February 16th, 2009 § Nick

briandettmer0a briandettmer0c1 briandettmer0d

“Book Autopsies” Brian Dettmer

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PBN: Keeping Architecture Relevant in the Business Community

February 6th, 2009 § Karynn


Sometimes we only learn that we’ve been written up in a newspaper or magazine after a call or an email from a friend of the firm. This morning, we received a tip that 3six0 appears in the most recent issue of Providence Business News. It’s a recap of the Rhode Island AIA awards from December (3six0 won two!), but we still highly value PBN’s coverage because it introduces our work to those outside of the architecture community. Thank you PBN for your coverage and for keeping architecture relevant in the business community.

Graphics from Snap2Object.com


Travel Journal of China

February 6th, 2009 § Jack


I have recently returned from an extended 26 day trip to China. I made two earlier trips to China in 2004. On the previous visits my travel was limited to the three major cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing due to the shorter time period of 10 days each trip. This time I was able to visit some of the more remote cities and locations missed on the previous trips and revisit Beijing and Shanghai to observe the epic changes there in just 4 short years.

The many contradictions and struggles within China today are compelling. A rich culture dating back to ancient times transitioning into the modern era at a speed and scale that has never been witnessed. What happens in China, the third largest country in the world with 20 percent of the world’s population, will undeniably shape the immediate and distant futures of us all.

On this blog I will be posting a travel journal of sorts with photographs, observations, sketches and other miscellaneous information from the trips. Labeled on the map are the cities and villages visited while in China.


Architecture as reference

February 4th, 2009 § Olga



Architecture as symbol

February 2nd, 2009 § Manuel

Over the last week we all shook our heads in frustration at the excesses of Wall Street and the banks that we, as taxpayers, are supporting.  We heard of corporate jets, billions in bonuses and an $87,000 area rug.

This all made me think of the streets of Buenos Aires after the economic collapse of Argentina in 2001.  Nearly a year after the protests quieted, these pictures captured the collective frustration of the Argentines as expressed on the canvas of architecture.  Old, new, local and foreign: the banks in Buenos Aires had been attacked, vandalized and covered with graffiti.  The graffiti accused the banks of robbery and even murder.  Architecture essentially became a proxy for failed government intervention and a symbol of fiscal malfeasance, and as such bore the brunt of the populace’s anger and frustration.  In response, banks were forced to board up all their doors and windows, only allowing entrance through a door (often steel) that was heavily guarded and equipped with a metal detector.  The banks, so often rendered in an architecture of strength, transparency and brilliance were suddenly forced to recede into an architecture of conflict.


Lady snears in front of Bank of Boston in Buenos Aires


Citibank in Buenos Aires

Last week we posted about the authenticity of materials and by extension of architecture.  The underlying idea that architecture can embody meaning and breed comfort points to the symbolic power of building.  Buildings express our yearnings and our fears – an expression in built form of a collective will.  One might say that the architecture of the last decade has been characterized by optimism, flamboyance and even excess.  This begs the question of what our response will be to the stark economic and social climate that we face.

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