3six0 recently unveiled its first church, which was created for the Shepherd of the Valley Church. On Wednesday, William Morgan over at the Providence Journal wrote a review of our work entitled, “A treasure of a new church.”

Morgan writes

Consecrated in October, the chapel is small and unassuming — an inexpensive addition to an ordinary church on a road far from “downtown.” Almost in spite of itself, the 60-seat chapel achieves a quality and dignity that fancier buildings with huge budgets rarely achieve.

. . .

[3six0] imagined the building as an endless spiral. The floor, ceiling, and tapering, slightly pitched walls — built of cedar and Brazilian mahogany — form a continuous container, almost as if the chapel interior were the inside of a wooden bowl made on a lathe. These details are as thoughtful as they are understated: Not obvious, they play on the subconscious and offer a slight tension, perhaps necessary when contemplating the metaphysical.

We are very appreciative to William Morgan and the ProJo for their review of our work.