Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why are you called 3SIXØ?

We are called ‘Three-Six-Zero’ because we are a full service firm; because we are a circle of people with many talents and expertise; because we strive to integrate all of the many issues of all projects into a sense of the whole that impacts experience.

2. Is it a problem that I or my project are not local?

No it’s not a problem. We have often found that the best fabricators are located in a third location, across the US and overseas. By using email, fax, telephone and FTP sites, drawing and correspondence files can be transferred, components pre-fabricated and shipped to the building location. We have on-site constructions supervision, no matter where the project is located. We also have experience partnering with firms that are local to project locations.

3. What services do you provide?

We provide full service from the initial sketch through design development, to construction documents, shop drawings and construction supervision. In this way, we can insure the integrity of the design, the quality of construction and the meeting of the budget.

4. What style do you work in?

We don’t base our designs on style but instead, a design is based upon the unique situation of each project. If a project is sited in a context of buildings of a particular style…that will be taken into serious consideration and respected. If a client likes a style, we welcome the conversation to understand better what it is about a style that you like and will incorporate those wished into the design.

5. Does 3SIXØ do green design?

‘Green design’ means everything from a philosophy, to a set of values, to implementing informed choices. We are dedicated to architecture that is part of a homeostatic system, not resistant to nature. We strive to be environmentally conscious and knowledgeable about the latest technologies.

6. Who will be working directly with me on my project?

We are big enough to ensure that you will have a project architect personally responsible for your project and in day-to-day contact with you and the contractor. We are small enough to ensure that the principals will be overseeing your project from start to finish.

7. What distinguishes 3SIXØ?

3SIXØ design is distinct not different; it is integrated through construction, not applied. Our design is inventive. We believe that difficult problems are opportunities for inventive solutions.