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Here at 3six0 we are pragmatic people. Portfolios with large glossy photos and text printed on heavyweight paper are eye-catching but expensive to produce. We could go the large production route and mass produce portfolios at once to keep down costs, but we’re a small firm and can’t afford to produce at that scale. Imagine our excitement when we discovered, a site that let’s you create your own book and then order copies a la carte. This model fits our needs perfectly since it is high quality at a low cost and allows us to order a portfolio book only when we need one. We also have complete control over how the book is designed and can update it to reflect our most current work. There’s also another nifty feature that let’s you sell your book on Blurb.

Coming to Blurb out of a practical business need, we never imagined that the website would choose to feature 3six0 on their Staff Picks. We are honored by their recommendation and hope that you’ll check out our Blurb book.