A fugue in music involves multiple intertwined voices moving towards and away from each other, which seems an apt way to describe our approach to the design of a new headquarters for Community MusicWorks. Nationally celebrated, (CMW) is centered on building connections with and between members of the community, and offering a cohesive educational and performance experience for residents of the Providence area, especially under served families and neighborhoods.


A dedicated concert hall initially seen as extravagant was found to be most essential: it lifts the expectations of the students and an empty hall creates the need for it to be filled with music.


The centrifugal spatial order  sends the organization out into the community and the centripetal geometry gathers the under served community of students, neighborhood families and music lovers in.


Clad in wood, the structure within is a regional pioneer of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). Ground breaking: Summer 2022.